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People we partner with

As a church we work with a lot of other groups. Here are some of them


Tearfund Logo Blue-01

This is a Christian Relief Fund which responds to needs around the world by directing aid through local people in local churches in the areas of need.

It also seeks to raise awareness in the UK church of global issues such as the effect of climate change on the poor in the poorest countries.

Friary Logo-1

Even in a comparatively wealthy part of the world, there are some people struggling to make ends meet and find a home.  The Friary has been so good at helping people in need, that it draws in people from the surrounding area who need a cheap meal, medical help, somewhere to wash your clothes, a place to meet up and help when you are not sure what to do.

As a church we support the work of the Friary both financially and practically.

Have a look at the Friary website for more information


Sometimes people get into trouble with money and don't know what to do to find practical help.

As a group of churches in West Bridgford, we have set up a CAP centre to help people.  Sometimes all it needs is someone to show you how to manage your finances.  And sometimes the problems are so big you need someone who can step in and provide professional help talking to your bank and other people you owe money to.

Either way CAP is there to provide free help.

open doors

Over 360 million Christians suffer persecution and discrimination around the world. Open doors aims to bring resources and hope to them.

As a church we regularly give to support Open Doors and have a prayer focus on their work and the countries they work in on alternate weeks.

Renew wellbeing logo

We support the work of Renew Wellbeing which helps churches to establish wellbeing spaces in their churches and communities in the same way that we have established Renew 37 

Safe families
safe families sffcLogo 

Sometimes you hear of families going through difficult circumstances and don't know where to start to help them.  Safe families was set up in the UK in 2012 initially in the North East of England to help churches help people.

There are three different ways we can help:

3 ways

And as a church we are involved in all three ways.

Baptist Family

We are a Baptist Church and are supported in what we do by other Baptists in a number of different ways and we, in return, support them:

Baptists Together

Baptists Together is a grouping of Baptist churches across England & Wales.  They provide support in many areas that churches may need to get to grips with including help (considerable during the covid-19 pandemic) with legal issues and with matching up leaders to churches.

emba logo

More locally, Baptist churches work in regions and ours is the East Midlands Baptist Association. 


Internationally the UK churches support work across the world.  This includes

  • church planting and supporting existing churches and networks
  • development work; helping poor people to thrive and communities to help themselves
  • education; enabling young and old to access education
  • health; training doctors and treating patients and much more
  • justice; fighting injustice through education and by being an advocate for those who don't have a voice
  • leadership; empowering, equipping and supporting local leaders
  • relief; responding to disasters
fs-logo-light - enlarged
Started by Baptist church leaders, this organisation provides an annual conference for church leaders and also support throughout the year.  It recognises the need for leaders to have solid biblical understanding and also to seek to follow God's Spirit.



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